Organic & Local Ingredients

   You can trust that our ingredients are the cleanest ingredients we can get our hands on. During the summer we support the local farmers market to shop for our vegetables, fruits and honey.

   During the winter, we purchase organic and supply our lettuce from a local gentleman who grows it hydroponically.

Compostable Packaging

   Your food is served in plastic containers so it's easy to take on-the-go! Everything from the plastic forks, to the cups that hold our homemade dressing are compostable. That means over a short amount of time they will break down and become organic matter. 

   We also compost our vegetable, fruit, coffee and egg shell scraps to refertilize the landscape. 


Made From Scratch

Many of our menu items are not only made in our kitchen, but they are also made from scratch! All of our dressings, juices, smoothies, soups, and protien bites are made from whole ingredients that can help replenish your body. We don't use any flavor enhancers like MSG, preservatives or fillers! 


Vegan and Gluten Free Options

We have many options for unqiue dietary needs! Since we make many of our menu items from scratch, we have control over the ingredients in those items. 

Items that are either gluten free, vegan, or both include:

Soups, Muffins, Wraps, Smoothies, Juices, Salads, Quinoa Bowls, and Soul Bowls!


Smoothies are made with real fruit and veggies

We use almond milk or coconut milk to serve those who have dairy intollerances

No added powders, purees, or fillers - just whole ingredients!
Made in house and from scratch soups! Like you'd make it at home! All of them are gluten free, some are vegan too! We keep our most popular soup Lazy Lasagna on hand at all times. We rotate through other delicious soups to keep ingredients fresh and in season. 
Quinoa Bowls - Quinoa is an ancient grain that's high in protien and gluten free! It's a great substiube for rice and really fills you up!
Try the South West Quinoa Bowl!
Our famous acai bowls taste like the ones you'd find in along the coast! We start with a soft blend of acai, blueberries, strawberries and banana. Then we top it with either granola or oats and fruit! We can add additional toppings like nuts, seeds or butters.
Our Wellness Center is home to many empowering events! 
Join us for a variety of classes and workshops like:


Sound Healing 

Manifesting Your Desires

Mindful Eating

Different Levels of Yoga

Malas and Mantras


Juice Cleanse Class at Revive Cafe!


Sometimes our bodies need a break, a reboot, a fresh start, maybe a do-over. Whatever the case may be, cleansing your body with Revive's Juice Cleanse is a great start.

If you're new to juicing, or just need motivation to start, join Health and Wellness Coach, Christie Springfield as she shares the basics of juicing and how to do it safely. Learn about the different ingredients that play key rolls in healing and supporting your body. You'll also get to sample some  of our delicious juices that we prepare daily too!

Our juice cleanses gently help you eliminate toxins, reset and break your body from processed and artificial food habits. Our juices are 100% from the earth, gathered from locally sourced produce and are strenuously washed in house. No preservatives or added sugars are present. Kick start your healthy lifestyle with our fresh cold pressed juice cleanses.


Find more info on our Juice Cleanse Page

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